Thursday, 24 November 2016

NZ Knitting Wool in Invercargill

Knitting Wool in Invercargill
New Zealand wool is sought after, and I sell various styles of handspun and hand dyed wool.
Below are an example of the some of the NZ Knitting wools I have in my store
These colourful skeins are a mixture of Merino, Alpaca and another fibre such as Silk, Bamboo or Soyabean Fibre.
They are lovely soft colourful yarns suitable for scarves etc.
Each skein is unique and as they are hand made, are not available anywhere else

No 1 is long colour repeats of Merino. Alpaca & Soyabean.  It is 245 mtrs long and weighs 141 gms.  $32.30
No 2 Long colour repeats of Pink/Purple Merino  & Silk.  It weights 107 gms and is 214 mtrs long $26.80
2nd Row Short colour repeats of  Pink, purple, apricot & is Merino/& Silk. It weighs 103 gms & is 193  mtrs long $25.80
No 4 is a single of Merino/Mohair/Silk with long colour repeats.  It weighs 91 gms and is 275 mtrs long $23.70

An example of some of the Handspun Natural colours of wool in my store.
Some are single skeins, but also available are several skeins of the same colour.
Cost $14 / 100 gm

These wools are not only available from my store, but I do mail order and will send to other countries as well

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Silk Yarn for Weaving

Latest products I have been dyeing are the 8/2 Silk yarn for Weaving and Knitting
The Random Dyed Colours look stunning when used in your projects.
It is a similar weight to #5 Cotton

Combine them with a plain colour ( as below) and you will truly see the colours respond to that design feature.  These are the new colours I have been dyeing recently,

These silks are very reasonably priced.  Email me if you would like to know more at

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Girl's Colourful Knitwear

 I have been knitting some girls little sleeveless vests.  I wanted to be able to shape the neck as it would be uncomfortable to have the front neckline too high.  On this vest I shaped for the neck with short rows in the pink section.  I did not like the way the band of pink was changed....
On this one I took a different approach with the neck shaping.  It wouldn't work to cast off stitches, but can you work out how I have done the neck shaping?
The random coloured wool is from one of my dyeing days.  I sell the random dyed yarns in my store and like to combine them with plain coloured yarns to make an interesting garment.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Silk Weaving Yarns

Some of the Silk 8/2 Weaving Yarns  I have been dyeing. 
They would make a woven luxury accessory or a lovely knitted cowl.  Silk always warm to wear. 
This is approximately 4 ply weight
Don't forget you can email me if interested in this yarn -

Monday, 13 June 2016

Learn A Stitch Project

Last year at the Southland Embroidery Guild we had a Learn a Stitch project.  I have made my embroidery into a cushion.  I have also used the complementary colours of Green and Red as a colour study.  It was a great way to try different stitches and become familiar with them.

This was something I wanted to do - embroider wood grain  I began with 3 circles and then couched heavier threads around one side of them.  From there it was a matter of making lies of stitching to resemble woodgrain. I have used different stitches as before, and as i am not a fan of just brown, I have used other colours to give it interest - of course there had to be purple in too!

Another way to learn stitches is to do some crazy patchwork.  this is interesting because you can combine stitches.  The colour is a lovely rich black background of dress making fabrics which doesn't show to advantage in this photo
For these projects i used various books to learn the stitches, but also I use Sharon Boggon's great website and her stitch dictionary.  her website is a great source of inspiration.  It can be found here
Pin Tangle  – a blog about textiles

Tones and Tints - a blog about drawing, studio art journalling and visual arts

I trust you will be inspired to try something similar if you want to learn more stitches

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wool Stash! Lovely...

Some of the Hand Dyed Superwash Dk wool I have in stock at the moment. Aren't the colours lovely?

I have been mixing Wool, Alpaca and other fibres such as Bamboo, Banana Fibre, Silk or Soyabean Fibre to make these yummy skeins of wool.  Each one is unique and they have a lovely feel..
 Most of them have longer colour repeats
One of the skeins of wool from the above photo. this one is a mixture of fine Wool, Alpaca and Banana Fibre

This one is a mixture of Merino/Silk and is spun as a singles yarn.
It would make a lovely Cowl for winter
More wool - bags of fibre for spinning and felting.
They are a mixture of Wool or Merino with Alpaca and one of the other fibres
The colours are bright and make you want to look at them all at once

Merino & Silk.  Just some of the colours I have been dyeing

Merino & Silk
Merino, Alpaca and Silk

Merino, Alpaca & Milk Fibre

Two lots of dyed fleece waiting for packaging.
The left one was a brown fleece and the right one is a fine Perendale fleece

Polwarth Dyed Spinning Wool

I have been experimenting dyeing long colour repeats
These two vests are results of those experiments

More spinning fibres.  This one has Merino, Alpaca and Milk Fibre
The milk Fibre is a Protein Fibre and Dyes the same way as wool

Our little Morris 8 is now on the market, so it will be a shame to see it go, as it creates such a lot of interest for those who are visiting.  Many people have memories of some one they know who has owned one.