Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Girl's Colourful Knitwear

 I have been knitting some girls little sleeveless vests.  I wanted to be able to shape the neck as it would be uncomfortable to have the front neckline too high.  On this vest I shaped for the neck with short rows in the pink section.  I did not like the way the band of pink was changed....
On this one I took a different approach with the neck shaping.  It wouldn't work to cast off stitches, but can you work out how I have done the neck shaping?
The random coloured wool is from one of my dyeing days.  I sell the random dyed yarns in my store and like to combine them with plain coloured yarns to make an interesting garment.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Silk Weaving Yarns

Some of the Silk 8/2 Weaving Yarns  I have been dyeing. 
They would make a woven luxury accessory or a lovely knitted cowl.  Silk always warm to wear. 
This is approximately 4 ply weight
Don't forget you can email me if interested in this yarn - jangibb@slingshot.co.nz