Friday, 14 June 2013

Recent Threads and Goodies


Here in Invercargill there is an interest in working with dyed Blanket.  I found this cool pattern in a 
Homespun magazine and have made 3 of these characters.
When the ladies come to the studio, the men have to have something to look at too.
This is Bill's latest project and is a source of interest for all his friends as they watch progress
With our winter here and the days colder and shorter, we are looking for warm socks.  I have been overdying the Opal Sock wool into bright colours.  When knitted it still gives a slight pattern.

These are overdyed Stranded Cottons. The colour depends on the original, but it gives a lovely variety of colours for stitching.  Most things around here see the dye pot and I enjoy the variety this produces

Some projects I have worked on recently.  This bag was made with pieces of Sari Silk Fabric Strips.  They were ironed on to a fabric with Vliesofix and hand embroidered. Then I couched Sari Silk Yarns over the top.  The gusset and handles are hand dyed velvet.  I then made flowers with the SAri Silk Strips and this just finishes it.
I enjoy Silk Ribbon Embroidery and designed this piece based on Crazy Patchwork.  It incorporates a lot so different Ribbon Flowers and was enjoyable to do

I dye a lot of Velvet and this is one lot with a painted wool skein beside it.  In our Aladdin's Cave of Fibre Art Supplies in Invercargill, NZ, colour is our specialty