Saturday, 12 September 2015

Purple teapot, more Merino/Silk Wool etc

Purple Teapot
I have been trying some machine embroidery and this purple teapot has been on display at the Craft Fair in Hamilton & Christchurch for the Bernina Challenge (the 2 P's - Pink & Purple)
I am happy with the result and plan to do more machine embroidery in the near future

Skeins of Handspun Merino/Silk Knitting wool I have in the studio for sale
Any one of these would make a lovely scarf, gloves or hat.  They have a lovely handle and feel really luxurious.  The colours are so much more intense as the phot does not do them justice

"I think I like it here"
Meet our new resident who arrived 3 weeks agao and stayed. Yes, we found his owner, but he had not settled into a new house, so we have kept him here. We have called him Sam (he is also Boris) and we are enjoying his  antics along with those of our boy, Shadow