Saturday, 12 September 2015

Purple teapot, more Merino/Silk Wool etc

Purple Teapot
I have been trying some machine embroidery and this purple teapot has been on display at the Craft Fair in Hamilton & Christchurch for the Bernina Challenge (the 2 P's - Pink & Purple)
I am happy with the result and plan to do more machine embroidery in the near future

Skeins of Handspun Merino/Silk Knitting wool I have in the studio for sale
Any one of these would make a lovely scarf, gloves or hat.  They have a lovely handle and feel really luxurious.  The colours are so much more intense as the phot does not do them justice

"I think I like it here"
Meet our new resident who arrived 3 weeks agao and stayed. Yes, we found his owner, but he had not settled into a new house, so we have kept him here. We have called him Sam (he is also Boris) and we are enjoying his  antics along with those of our boy, Shadow

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Moonshine Treasures Embroidery Exhibition Winner

"Moonshines Treasures" Winner

The Embroiderer's Guild of New Zealand has a Regional Exhibition every 2 years.
This time one of the categories was entitled Moonshine.
I wasn't going to enter, but this picture in my mind just had to be embroidered
The moonshine can reveal all sorts of treasures

A close up of the bottle of Moonshine Whisky.  It is sitting near a log made out of a silk rod which I have dyed.  I sell these in the shop in all sorts of colours

The background was silk fabric for the sky, and needle felted forest floor which I stitched over and added couched threads
The trees in the background were made of fabrics then stitched over to make the texture
The large trees on the right were a silk fabric, which I painted, stitched over to make the texture, then stitched and padded them to the background

Hokonui Meandering
Judges Selection Winner

The background fabric was painted and the fields were stitched in long and short stitch in various colours of green
The daisies and grasses were embroidered over the top to give the effect of distance like looking from a roadside

Here you can see more of the background stitching

I have enjoyed creating these embroideries using threads from my shop

Velvet Embroidery Details

A close up picture of the Velvet Embroidery in the last post
It was an interesting project taken from an old embroidery transfer.
A pattern was made of all of the pieces  then the velvet was cut out and attached to the background fabric, before being stitched.  A few beads and metallic threads add highlights
A close up of the second flower and the third flower below

Saturday, 6 June 2015

More Embroidery & Threads

Over the last few months I have been doing different embroideries.  This one was for the challenge at the Embroiderer's Guild.  The challenge was to take a transfer and transform it in some way.
I took the transfer and enlarged it on a photocopier.  I then cut out the shapes on a stiff paper to make a pattern.  The flower shapes were cut from velvet and embroidered on the black background.
A few beads added the finishing touches.

Over the holidays I decided to embroider the Midnight Meander pattern from Hazel Blomkamp's book "Crewel Twists".  It was quite small so I thought it wouldn't take long, but there was a lot of work in it.  However I really enjoyed this project and was pleased with the final result.  The beading really glistens on the light.

The following photos show the colours I have in the 8/2 Tencel.  This thread is the thicker one of the Tencel range - equivalent to about pearl 8.  It is a lovely thread and easy to work with.

The new product I have been dyeing is a Merino Felt about 1mm thick.  This is a great fabric which is easy to stitch on.  Because it is compacted, it will not fray.  I will do a small project and post some colours next time, along with pictures of my latest embroideries.