Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shoulder Shawl & Morris 8

Shoulder Shawl
Firstly take 100 gms Overdyed Ashford Merino/Silk Fibre

Then spin it to a fine thread, approx. 4 ply
This yarn was spun from a different colour

Then knit it into a lovely light shoulder shawl. It weighs only 65 gms (beads on both edeges included)
This was knitted form the Elise pattern available on Ravelry
Morris 8 on Tour

Bill & Athol set to take a ride in the Morris

And out the drive they go.
The car has ben restored and is now ready for sale

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Silk Products and New Projects

Mussel Shells

This project involved embroidering the mussel shells with my hand dyed handspun Mulberry Silk threads. This was worked on fabric and cut out.  The background which represents the sand, is an openweave curtain fabric which I painted with a sparkly fabric paint.  However when I set it with the iron, the glitter went everywhere, so I had to paint it again with a pearl fabric paint. On top of that is a piece of grey/white silk paper which I wrinkled up to make the texture of the sea.  Grey organza fabric and spun silk waste thread give a realistic look.  The mussels are on top of a piece of black silk paper which is stuffed and stitched to give a rock like appearance.  Silk ribbon, beads and sequins add glimmer and shine  As usual the photo doesn't do justice to all the textures.
I enjoyed making this project and am now working on a sea scape.

Slouchy Hats

I have been making these Crochet Slouchy Hats.  I wanted to use up some of the handspun wool, but not sure if I see any progress in that.  Still they have been interesting to make with all the colours appearing at random

Silk Products in the Shop


Silk Rods

These can be stitched, beaded, made to look like bark, split and used in felting and have so many other uses where you need texture

Twisted Sari Silk Fabric Yarn

I have used these for vines by couching them on.  They are made from the actual Sari Silk Fabric and twisted like  a thick yarn

Sari Silk Fabric Strips

These are really versatile.  I have used them to stitch onto fabric in strips top make a bag.  they could be woven in and out and stitched, ruched up and made into a flower. 

Silk Cocoons

The uses for these are varied as with all the silk products.  They are often cut and stitched onto fabric, but I have made tassels with them.  I have seen earrings as well

Silk Waste Fibre

A lovely shiny fibre which can be used in felting and in silk paper.  I have spun it thick & thin for the waves in the Mussel picture

Sari Silk Yarn

Once again a thick yarn which can be couched onto fabric for textures and can also be knitted
I enjoy working with the silk fibre and products a there are so many ways they can be used.
I love the intensity of the colours and find silk gives a finish that no other fibre or yarn can give
I will show you the seascape next post

Saturday, 22 March 2014

"Mother's garden Path" Floral Embroidery

Recently I have enjoyed spinning Mulberry silk I have dyed into embroidery threads. I have used my Majacraft Rose as it has a fast speed when I use the small whorl
Here is a photo of the ones I have done.  I like the way the colour graduates along the thread which makes it interesting to use, and of course it can be cut at any time to vary the colours used
The reason I decided to spin the threads are to make a Floral Garden Embroidery.
I began by painting a silk Hankie and a piece of curtain material for the path.
The design was inspired by my mother who loved her garden.  When they were building a new house, she had much of her flower garden planted, even along the edges of the drive, and the trucks didn't run over any of it.
This is before it was framed

A close up of some of the flowers.  It is quite stylised and for many of the flowers I used double threads to get lovely colour variations

After framing. I am very pleased with this project
Also I have finished a lovely red blanket for a friend, so spinning & knitting are still part of my day