"Mother's garden Path" Floral Embroidery

Recently I have enjoyed spinning Mulberry silk I have dyed into embroidery threads. I have used my Majacraft Rose as it has a fast speed when I use the small whorl
Here is a photo of the ones I have done.  I like the way the colour graduates along the thread which makes it interesting to use, and of course it can be cut at any time to vary the colours used
The reason I decided to spin the threads are to make a Floral Garden Embroidery.
I began by painting a silk Hankie and a piece of curtain material for the path.
The design was inspired by my mother who loved her garden.  When they were building a new house, she had much of her flower garden planted, even along the edges of the drive, and the trucks didn't run over any of it.
This is before it was framed

A close up of some of the flowers.  It is quite stylised and for many of the flowers I used double threads to get lovely colour variations

After framing. I am very pleased with this project
Also I have finished a lovely red blanket for a friend, so spinning & knitting are still part of my day