Shoulder Shawl

Despite the hot weather here at the moment, I have knitted this lovely Shoulder Shawl.
It is made with my handspun yarn (Wool, Alpaca, Silk blend) plied with a very fine silk thread.  It was then dyed as a self striping yarn of about 20 metres of each colour.  I began with a pattern that started with 3 stitches and increasing each side.  I decided that I wanted to change the design and began with 35 stitches instead to make it fit around back of neck.  Because the yarn had definite colour changes, I added 2 rows lace to make the transition between colours softer. It was finished off with a 4 chain crochet edging with beads inserted.
I enjoyed this project and I think there might be some more self striping yarn dyed in the near future.