Threads for Wanaka Embroidery School

When you enrol for any embroidery class, there is often only a small picture to give you an idea of the project.  Sometimes a kit is supplied and each person works on the same project. But when you need to supply your own threads etc, when the list of requirements arrives, then you have to choose a colour or colours to work with.  Often the threads/fabrics stated have a particular name of the manufacturer/dyer.  This is often the case if you are working a project form the embroidery magazines. 
Firstly look at the weight of the threads indicated if possible...
A 2 ply thread can be quite different in weight in each type of thread.  We know the weights of cottons - Perle 5, 8, 12.  Perle 5 is the thickest and Perle 12 the finest, but among different manufacturers and types of threads, there is a distinct difference A 20/2 silk is a lot thivker than a 20/2 tencel, and that makes it confusing
If a thread is a single one it is known as ?/1 I.e. 5/1, 8/1/ 12/1
Likewise if a thread is a 2 ply, it is known as ?/2 i.e. 5/2, 8/2, 12/2
You can also get threads that are a 3 ply so it will be stated like this: ?/3
All of these threads cannot be stranded
Below are threads I have that are the weight of a single strand of stranded Cotton.  These photos are of 20/2 Tencel threads.  They are a lovely thread to use and have slightly more sheen than the cotton

The following photos are 60/2 Silk. 
 Note the different no (60) but these are the same weight as the Tencel threads above

The following threads are a Stranded Silk.  There are 10 strands of the 60/2 weight in each skein
 They can be used on the same way as the stranded cotton we are used to.

Of course you can use the Stranded Cottons.  These are the colours I have dyed.  They are all random dyed so are interesting to use, and give a subtle effect

Another thread of the same weight is Bambu.  It is a soft thread and very easy to use
 I only have these colours available but am looking to obtain more of this thread

 If you would like to have the contrast between dull and shiny in your work, following are the Stranded Rayon Threads I have for sale.  They are 4 strands of Rayon  threads and are available in many hand dyed colours


There are many threads available on the market, but these are a few of the fine ones I have.
They will be available at the Wanaka Embroidery School and I intend to add more colours before then.  You can also contact me at