Knitwear & Booties, and Embroidery

 Time for some embroidery.  This is part of a serviette which I have worked on and enjoyed how it took form, but not sure how I will use it now.  At the moment it is a sample in the studio and much admired by those who come in.
 This is a study in textured embroidery and stylised Delphinium Flowers.  It is going to be stitched on to a Journal cover of Hand dyed Dupion Silk - another product I have for sale.
 Here are some of the sock yarns I have overdyed.  I have taken the Opal wools and put a mixture of colours over the original colours.  When knitted they give a very subtle patterning, depending on the original patterns on the wool.

 At last, Bill's project, the 1936 Morris Sports has been painted and is home.  Here it is bereft of many of its fittings, so Bill has a job ahead of him. 

Bill & Owen admiring the car in the sun.  Already it is looking the part with lights & grill and lots of other parts attached.  Bill is really pleased with the painting job, the colour and the way it looks.  It has been admired, not only by the guys, but also many of the ladies who come to the studio.

Now back to the woolly things... Here are some Double Knitting skeins I have hand dyed in pretty girly colours.  I do dyed colours for boys too.
One of the little jackets I knit using the hand dyed yarn with plain colours.  This one is for a 2 year old.  It is like the Surprise Jacket made popular by Elizabeth Zimmerman, but this style is slightly different as I have designed it myself.
 Some of the 4 ply Superwash Merino I have dyed.  I use this yarn to make the little Singlet/vests below. They Look really cool worn as a vest over a skivvy or merino top

 Note the random colours in the ditch.  these show up more when they are worn
A few hand spun booties with sheepskin soles and tops.  These ones fit 3-12 months but I also make a larger size.  this is all I have at the moment, so it looks like I will be making more.

More children's knitwear styles using the hand dyed wools with plain colours.  They are an example of some of the colours I have. These ones fit 2 and 3 year olds.