More Handspun Wools & Projects

These days I have been mixing fibres on my carder and dyeing the wools to spin. Check out the
skeins I have created lately....
These fingerless gloves were knitted from my handspun yarn which is a mixture of Merino, Alpaca & Silk.  It is a lovely soft feeling yarn.  I also knitted a lovely shawl in this colourway.

This is carded wool which was dyed then spun.  People love the bright colours.  It weighs 87 gms.

This yarn is a mixture of dyed Bamboo Fibre, Alpaca & Merino.  I am tempted to knit it just too see how the colours work out.  The dyed Bamboo makes it a lovely muted colour scheme. 
It weighs 110 gm.

These fingerless gloves are fun to do and only take around 50 gm.  This is an example of how my handspun wool knits up.  This skein was a mixture of Wool, Silk & Mohair.  The gloves are not exactly the same, but have the same colourways, so that makes them interesting.  The mohair makes them really cosy

These ones are knitted from Noro Silk garden Lite.  It is more of a challenge to get matching ones as the balls have longer lengths of each colour

This is the latest yarn I have spun.  I have mixed Merino, Alpaca and Dyed Banana Fibre. 
This combination gives a lovely feel.  As you work with the Banana Fibre it becomes really soft and cuddly.  It weighs 116 gm.

A few colours of Tussah Silk I have been dyeing.  I love working with colour and experimenting with colour mixing.  These ones are more muted, earthy tones, but I am working on lovely pinks, purples, apricots, golds etc for another posting.

This is a small amount from a bag of Perendale Sliver I have dyed.  I can just imagine what it would look like when spun....  I want to try them all...!