Handspun wool & Projects

My embroidery has been put aside this week because I have been experimenting woth hand spun yarns.  By combining fibres together such as Silk, Alpaca,Mohair, Bamboo or Banana Fibre then spinning the dyed fibre, produces some of the skeins of yarn below.
The first 2 are a mixture of wool/mohair/silk.
The third skein is wool and these three have longer colour repeats

No 3 skein is a mixture of wool/silk and bamboo, plied with a fine silk thread.  It is dyed after spinning, so the colour repeats are short
No 4 skein is a mixture of wool/alpaca & bamboo
No 5 skein is a mixture of wool/alpaca & banana fibre
No 4 & 5 skeins have longer colour repeats
I have knitted hats to show how the colours work...

Also I have knitted a shoulder shawl with yarn spun from Ashford Silk/Merino sliver.  It is lovely to work with and would like to do more of this yarn too.

I will keep you posted with my projects so that you too may be inspired