I live in Invercargill, New Zealand and am married to Bill.  I have 2 grown children and 3 grandsons.
I operate BJ's Colourways & Collectibles, a Fibrearts supply shop at home.  I hand dye most of my products and will be sharing many of them with you. 
I have knitting wools, handspun luxury wools which have merino or wool combined with silk, alpaca or mohair.  Also are hand dyed sik fibres and yarns, many embroidery threads and fabrics.
Jan Gibb

I have been working with silk threads on this pattern by Catherine Howell.  The threads are really easy to use and give a lovely effect.  Follow my progress....

Here are some of the silk threads I have dyed.  They are a 10 ply, meaning there are 10 strands of a fine (60/2) in each strand.  I use one fine random dyed thread with a plain one to give dimension and interest to my flowers and leaves.

Some of the other silk threads... I have several weights -  8/2 (thickest), 10/2, 12/2, 20/2, 30/2, 60/2 (Finest) in allsorts of colours.