NZ Knitting Wool in Invercargill

Knitting Wool in Invercargill
New Zealand wool is sought after, and I sell various styles of handspun and hand dyed wool.
Below are an example of the some of the NZ Knitting wools I have in my store
These colourful skeins are a mixture of Merino, Alpaca and another fibre such as Silk, Bamboo or Soyabean Fibre.
They are lovely soft colourful yarns suitable for scarves etc.
Each skein is unique and as they are hand made, are not available anywhere else

No 1 is long colour repeats of Merino. Alpaca & Soyabean.  It is 245 mtrs long and weighs 141 gms.  $32.30
No 2 Long colour repeats of Pink/Purple Merino  & Silk.  It weights 107 gms and is 214 mtrs long $26.80
2nd Row Short colour repeats of  Pink, purple, apricot & is Merino/& Silk. It weighs 103 gms & is 193  mtrs long $25.80
No 4 is a single of Merino/Mohair/Silk with long colour repeats.  It weighs 91 gms and is 275 mtrs long $23.70

An example of some of the Handspun Natural colours of wool in my store.
Some are single skeins, but also available are several skeins of the same colour.
Cost $14 / 100 gm

These wools are not only available from my store, but I do mail order and will send to other countries as well


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