Learn A Stitch Project

Last year at the Southland Embroidery Guild we had a Learn a Stitch project.  I have made my embroidery into a cushion.  I have also used the complementary colours of Green and Red as a colour study.  It was a great way to try different stitches and become familiar with them.

This was something I wanted to do - embroider wood grain  I began with 3 circles and then couched heavier threads around one side of them.  From there it was a matter of making lies of stitching to resemble woodgrain. I have used different stitches as before, and as i am not a fan of just brown, I have used other colours to give it interest - of course there had to be purple in too!

Another way to learn stitches is to do some crazy patchwork.  this is interesting because you can combine stitches.  The colour is a lovely rich black background of dress making fabrics which doesn't show to advantage in this photo
For these projects i used various books to learn the stitches, but also I use Sharon Boggon's great website and her stitch dictionary.  her website is a great source of inspiration.  It can be found here
Pin Tangle  – a blog about textiles

Tones and Tints - a blog about drawing, studio art journalling and visual arts

I trust you will be inspired to try something similar if you want to learn more stitches


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