More Embroidery & Threads

Over the last few months I have been doing different embroideries.  This one was for the challenge at the Embroiderer's Guild.  The challenge was to take a transfer and transform it in some way.
I took the transfer and enlarged it on a photocopier.  I then cut out the shapes on a stiff paper to make a pattern.  The flower shapes were cut from velvet and embroidered on the black background.
A few beads added the finishing touches.

Over the holidays I decided to embroider the Midnight Meander pattern from Hazel Blomkamp's book "Crewel Twists".  It was quite small so I thought it wouldn't take long, but there was a lot of work in it.  However I really enjoyed this project and was pleased with the final result.  The beading really glistens on the light.

The following photos show the colours I have in the 8/2 Tencel.  This thread is the thicker one of the Tencel range - equivalent to about pearl 8.  It is a lovely thread and easy to work with.

The new product I have been dyeing is a Merino Felt about 1mm thick.  This is a great fabric which is easy to stitch on.  Because it is compacted, it will not fray.  I will do a small project and post some colours next time, along with pictures of my latest embroideries.


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