Stewart Island Embroidery complete

This is the finished embroidery before framing.
The boats, the Secret in the foreground and the Mystery in the back were two of the boats built by Bill's Great Grandfather in the 1800's on Stewart Island. He saw the potential of the fishing and oystering industry of the Island.
The settlers all wondered where he got the money and the timber from to build the boats - "all kauri too" they said. All Ned's boats were Kauri built - and one by one they went off the stocks at Horseshoe Bay.

The Mystery is still around but not in good order.

The Secret was restored but slipped its moorings and went on the rocks about a year ago

Photos of the framed embroidery.  It looked so good with once framed, but with the glass is now hard to get a good photo without reflections
It is now hanging in our museum in Invercargill for the next month in the "Gems of the South" Embroiderers Exhibition.
All the work paid off as I received the prize for the "Looking out to See (Sea)" category at the exhibition.  A real surprise.
As they say things keep changing, and Bill has decided to sell the Mk 5 Jaguar that we have had for 35 years. He is finding it heavy to drive. There is much interest as we have put it on Trade Me for sale.