Projects in 2013 and Updates

This year I have been knitting more Fingerless Gloves in Noro Silk Garden and in my Handspun Singles which are a a mixture of Wool, Bamboo Fibre and Alpaca which makes them warm and unique

 Then I decided to make some little neck scarves out of the Noro Silk garden Lite, as well as from Ashford's Merino Silk which I spun as a single.  The photo shows one from the Noro yarn

 The last while I have been ironing the silk ribbons for my shop - a long job but it is pleasing to have a good colour range.  I had help from my friend Elmo too!!

These photos show the 7mm ribbon in colour ranges

These photos show colours of 4mm ribbon

I have not taken photos of the 2 mm and 13 mm ribbons, but with all this lovely colour, I enjoy looking at them all lined up waiting to be used.  I am teaching a class in silk ribbon embroidery at Queenstown soon, so am creating a design and really enjoying this challenge. I will add the photo when I get a little more of the project done